Potaardegaarde Kraainem
collective housing and common outdoor space

Location : Potaardegaarde, 1950 Kraainem
Client : undisclosed
Surface : 460 m²
Budget : undisclosed
Direct comission : 2017
Duration Project: 2017-2020

Potaardegaarde lacks a final piece in the residential development of the 80’s. A lonely terrain has been a no-man’s-land for decades, a place for landfill waste and wild parking. It demabnds a new identity in synergy with the surrounding living and within the logic of the street. A past building application needs to be revised to the contemporary climate of the neighbourhood and Kraainem. On the border between suburban living and green park housing, the site is the unique location to make a more dens urban project . In a green context for old, recent and future residents, quality collective housing is required. Our proposal generates identity through diversity in living experience. At the same time, a uniformity is aspired within the logic of the neighbouring buildings. We propose a central entrance, which safeguards the perimeter and concentrically organises the units. This composition creates different housing typologies and gardens for each have their own character due to the relationship with the adjacent houses.